Town Center Expansion #1 and #2


Expansion #1: Brown cubes are used for neutral hills, and can only be built on if you have an escalator of corresponding heights. There are three Hill scenarios - San Francisco, The Seven Hills of Rome and XXX-Polis. On the Paris map the town center is on the islands, the suburbs at the river bank are connected to the center over dotted lines. A new victory condition is, that the richest player is the winner-

Expansion #2: 12 green cubes are citizens; when you build an apartment you can place a citizen next to it or on top, adhering to the rules for height. On the New York map the suburbs have a height limit of 2 cubes. A new victory conditions makes the player the winner whose town covers the biggest area.


Expansion for Town Center for 1-4 players, ages 12+


Publisher: AoS Team 2013

Designer: Alban Viard

Art: Alban Viard, Sampo Sikio

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Users: With friends


Version: multi * Rules: en fr * In-game text: no