Age of Steam: Venezuela, Tasmania & Japan


Maps for the Age of Steam game system; the basic rules of Age of Steam apply. There is one map for Venezuela and one for Tasmania, both boards carry half of the Japan map on the backside.

Japan - 3-5 players. The map shows Sea routes and fishing areas, they replace turn order and production special actions. There is limited access to fishing areas, preferably for players in last or last-but-one position in turn order. Delivery of fishing areas is only possible with the fishing action; fishing areas are depleted in the course of the game.

Venezuela - 4-5 players: Topic is inflation; in each round, building costs increase by 1$; Goods are limited, and you can only transport yellow goods = cash if you are the Money Launderer. You can issue more than 15 shares, pay only for 15, but your income decreases by 1 for each surplus share.

Tasmanien - 3-4 players: 60% of the island are national parks; actions with a gray disc on it cannot be selected; building in forests reduces the income on the track by 1; urbanization of a town adjacent to a forest reduces income by 1; the Engineer does not pay penalty for building in forests. Taxes are a new phase after reduction. The gray disc on Engine goes on Urbanization, or else on Engine.


Three maps / variants of Age of Steam for 3-5 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Aos Team / AVStudioGames 2020

Designer: Alban Viard, Nathan Morse

Art: Todd Sanders


Stock #: x/150


Users: For experts


Version: en * Rules: en * In-game text: no