Age of Steam The Zombie Apocalypse


Boards for the Age of Steam system, the basic rules apply.

The doubles-ided board shows Western Pennsylvania for a game for 4-5 players, and Michigan, especially geared for 3 players. The phases of a turn are Issue Shares, Auction/Actions, Build Track, Ship Goods, Income/Expenses, Production and Zombie Moves. They move one hex, at the end of a round, towards the nearest cube. If direction decisions are necessary, they are made by the starting player. When Zombis end the move in city or town, the place is razed - goods go into the bag, a Single Track is laid and Zombies spawn. Different numbers of cubes in the cards, up to 20 shares can be issued by a player in Pennsylvania. Pläne zum System Age of Steam, es gelten die Grundregeln von Age of Steam.


Variants for Age of Steam for 3-5 players, ages 14+


Verlag: Aos Team 2009

Autor: Michael Webb

Gestaltung: Michael Webb


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Zielgruppe: Für Experten


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