Age of Steam Las Vegas Korea


Maps for the Age of Steam system, the basic rules of Age of Steam apply.

Las Vegas: At the start you put 5$ under each red cube; when goods are delivered to a city with coins, you take one of the coins in addition to the normal income; when red cubes are placed during the game, you put 5$ underneath.

Korea: 12 yellow discs are placed at the border between North and South Korea. Cities in North Korea get one cube, in South Korea three. The Engineer can build up to three track tiles for maximum 9$. You can only build two track tiles per turn. Depending on the round, goods can only be delivered in one direction between North and South Korea.


Variants for Age of Steam for 2-6 players, ages 14


Publisher: Aos Team 2012

Designer: Alban Viard

Art: Alban Viard


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