The control over the system can be recovered with a 12-digit code, players are hackers and need to crack the code within the time frame. All play simultaneously and can do any of four actions anytime: draw a card with the hand card limit - discard three cards - swap a card with your right and left neighbor - place a set of three cards. Sets of three time-cards let you turn the timer. When all 12 cases are filled with corresponding  sets, the code is cracked. In four training levels you play with varying numbers of code cards, time cards and jokers; when those levels are mastered, you open mission cases with a key, Blue Mission first.


Cooperative real-time game for 2-8 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Amigo Spiele 2018

Designer: Kasper Lapp

Art: Barbara Spelger

Web: www.amigo-spiele.de

Stock#: 01852


Users: For families

Special: Many players


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