Der kleine Rabe Socke Halli Galli Junior


Cards show Kleiner Rabe Socke and his friends, on most of the cards laughingly, but sometimes also sad, when Kleiner Rabe Socke has lost his socks. All cards are dealt evenly to all players who stack them face down. At a signal all turn up their top card. When two identical laughing friends are visible, you must hit the bell quickly - if you are fastest you get all face-up cards. But take care! When the same character is visible once with a sad face and once with a laughing face you must not ring the bell or you lose cards! With you are out cards you must quit the game, after a last correct round you win with most cards.


Reaction game for 2-4 players, ages 4+


Publisher: Amigo Spiele

Designer: Haim Shafir

Art: Annet Rudolph, Nele Moost


Stock #: 2790


Users: For children

Age: 4


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: no