Chip it!


There are green cards of 2x values 2-21 and purple cards of 2x values 2-11; they are shuffled together and you receive cards in relation to player numbers and chips of value 3. The active player can play a combination of cards of identical values, regardless of color, or a single card; consecutive players must overbid the predecessor with the same number of cards of higher value. Values of unsuitable cards can be raised by taking chips. If you cannot or want not play cards, you can discard up to two points. If nobody overbids any more, you begin a new round. If you managed to shed all card AND all chips, you win.


Card game for 3-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Amigo Spiele 2020

Designer: Chikasuzu

Art: Fiore GmbH


Stock #: 02006


Users: For families


Version: de * Rules: de en * In-game text: no