Café International


People of different nationalities need to be seated at the 24 tables of the café, there are always two men and two women of one nationality and they must be placed according to the seating rules: 4 persons per table, always two men and two women, never one person alone or only men or only women. The tables have nations assigned, but chairs belonging to adjacent tables may be filled with persons of both nationalities. A couple scores 2 points, three persons 3 points, a complete table 4 points and a complete table of one nationality only scores 8 points. If a player cannot seat somebody he must seat somebody at the bar, at a high cost, who cannot pay the price goes out of the game.


"Spiel des Jahres" 1989, Mattel

New edition 1997 Relaxx

New edition 1999 Amigo.


Strategic placement game * 2-4 players from age 10 * Designer: Rudi Hoffmann, Roland Siegers * ca. 45 min * 9320, Amigo, Germany, 2001 *** AMIGO  Spiel + Freizeit GmbH *