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Small, smart and funny. Aim of the game is to discard cards and to win the least possible number of cards with a minimum of oxen. Discarding follows simple rules: starting with the lowest card, ascending sequence, each card in that row where it forms the smallest difference with the last card in that row. Who places the 6th card in a row has to take the 5 cards and collects the oxen on these card as minus points.

Jubilee edition in a tin box, cards with golden sides, special give away edition, not available in shops


Card placement game * Limited Special Edition 239/500 * 2-10 players from age 10 * Designer: Wolfgang Kramer * 4910, Amigo, Germany, 2005 * AMIGO  Spiel + Freizeit GmbH  * www.amigo-spiele.de * info@amigo-spiele.de