Grant wishes and get your wishes granted


Family talk instead of love talk! This edition of the communication and relations game is targeting families who want to learn more about the dreams and heart’s desires of other family members. Basically, each family member chooses a wish; during the game you need dexterity and luck in the paint-with-your-fingers round and at the end all together decide on a family project.

The first “Wünscher” chooses his wish according to the result of his die roll, for instance an afternoon downtown, and a member of the family who should grant or implement this wish. This family member turns “Bestimmer”, reads out the wish, and reacts to it with a Bestimmer card in the color of his die result, for instance “I will cope with preparations”; this card is given back to the Wünscher and read out by him. Then the whole family votes on this reaction and depending on the result cards are handed out. Then the Wisher looks at the finger-paint side of the Bestimmer card and paints the image with his finger on the back of his neighbor, called “Fühler”. The Fühler draws what he felt, in case of correlation cards are given out and a task for both players. The wisher now holds three cards (Wish, Bestimmer, luck/bad luck from painting) and displays them somewhere in the family home. When all have been Wünscher once, each family member reads out a suggestion for a project. The winner of the voting is the family project. Wishes and family project need to be implemented in real life!

This offers a challenging way to playfully learn about dreams and wishes of your family and also to grant them and so live an even more intense family life.


Players: 3-6

Age: 7+

Time: 45+

Designer: Henri Guttmann, Uschi and Franz Scholles

Art: Justo Polido

Price: ca. 16 Euro

Publisher: Aktuell Spiele Verlag 2011


Genre: Communication game

Users: For families

Version: de

Rules: de

In-game text: yes



Good for learning more about your family

Interesting way to end the game

Wishes should be implemented, especially the family project


Compares to:

All other communication games for use within the family


Other editions:

Currently none


Chance (pink): 2

Tactic (turquoise): 0

Strategy (blue): 0

Creativity (dark blue): 2

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 3

Interaction (brown): 2

Dexterity (green): 2

Action (dark green): 2