Manimals Dinos 1


Players try simultaneously to collect as many animals as possible with certain characteristics, the player collecting the most animals wins. Approx. 40 animals are laid out in the middle, the rest is draw pile. A card is turned over, the big symbol in the back is the current characteristic. Cards taken may not be put back, one searches with one hand, cards collected are held in the other hand. If no one takes cards any more, the cards in hand are checkt, the big symbol must be among the small symbols on the backside of the taken cards. For wrong cards are correct one must be put away, too. The player with the most cards receives 2 cards for victory points, the player with the second receives one card. All other cards are laid out animal up and 3 are added from the stack. After 7 rounds the player with the most cards wins.


Card collecting game * 2-6 players from age 6 * Designer: Bernhard Naegele * Graphics: Dennis Lohausen * 76043, Adlung, Deutschland, 2007 *** Adlung Spiele *