Alter                   9






Once again ships are roaming the Caribbean on the search for treasures; they all want to hire the best crew to guide the ships among the islands and to collect treasures.

Ocean cards are laid out in a grid, the box is set next to a corner to function as a counting aid; each player has a ship, the office cards are laid out and assigned a pirate randomly. Each player now receives one crew card in the current color of the Mate office, three crew cards are turned up. The ships start at the border of the grid, the body points to their owner. In your turn you choose two different offices or twice the same and use them: Mate – he hires crew, you take a card from the stack or from the display; Helmsman – he steers the ship onto an adjacent ocean card, one step more per helmsman in the crew; Navigator – he finds a treasure if he is in the crew and the card under the ship turns up an island, then he goes out of the game; Gunner – he attacks other ships on the same ocean card; Officer – he re-assignes offices, must be in the crew for that, is discarded and you swap two pirates in front of the office cards. When the game box comes back to the start – it moves one step for every attack – or when after a final game phase only tow ocean cards show water the game is won by the player with most treasures.

Antigua is a pretty game with a well-known topic and many interesting mechanisms, especially the color assignment of the offices. It is also rather unpredictable and therefore driven by chance. Do have a red navigator, my predecessor changes offices and red is suddenly mate, plan underwater, goodbye treasure!


Spieler         : 2-4

Alter            : ages 9 and up

Dauer           : ca. 45 min


Autor           : Ulrich Blum

Grafik          : Alexander Jung

Titel             : ident

Preis            : ca. 9 Euro

Verlag          : Adlung Spiele 2010



Genre                    : Card game

Zielgruppe             : For families

Mechanismen         : Use cards for best crew



Well-known topic

Minimalistic package

Attractive, interesting mechanisms

Unfortunately rather unpredictable



All games on pirate treasures


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Interaktion                   3