Six clans want to provide the successor for the Shogun. Each player begins the game with secret loyalty cards for two clans. Clan leaders are laid out in a row and receive honor at the end of the round, depending on thir position based on the plot card that it revealed at the start of the round. In a round, all players but the Hatamoto select an action card from their hand and reveal it simultaneously. Then the card effects are resolved in the order determined by the Hatamoto. Then honor is awarded, the plot ability is resolved and also the Shinobi action; then you check for end of game - if someone has 10 or 12 honor, he wins instantly; otherwise the new Hatamoto is determined and a new plot is revealed.


Card game for 3-6 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Action Phase Game 2018

Designer: Adrienne Ezell

Art: Adrienne Ezell, Jarek Nocoń, Mariusz Szmerdt


Stock #: AKGSH01


Users: With friends


Version: en * Rules: en * In-game text: yes