Rolling Dice


In the game box = the dice arena, you roll your dice onto the ice floes. The active player rolls his dice, changing positions of other players‘ dice can happen and is valid. Then you select one die from the floe and remove your remaining dice from the floe. When all have done rolling/selecting/removing, all dice in valid positions score points - pips + value of all dice in positions to the rear + dice values on ice blocks and maybe bonus points from the fish net minus penalty from the hole. In later rounds you roll available dice and try to top the value of your die in the arena or place a die further forward. If someone has collected the necessary score, the game and with the end of the current round and you win with the highest score.

Spiele Hit für Familien 2021


Dexterity game with dice for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Abacusspiele 2021

Designer: Peter Wichmann, Albrecht Werstein, Karl-Heinz Schmiel, Klaus Zoch

Art: Kreativbunker, Abacusspiele


Stock #: 03211


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: de en * In-game text: no