55 beautiful dice, to be used either as an inspiration for your own ideas or as stock or as an expansion for the dice game „Das Spiel“.  The box also offers the rules for a 2-player game called Würfelduell, which is won by the first player to own 28 dice. Each player begins with 2 numbers and a certain number of dice, the remaining dice are split into parcels, the active player must roll and set aside dice, he wins all dice with his pre-given numbers and gives all dice with the opponent’s numbers to him. With the action dice one can free such dice that would be given away.

The rules also state a variant for “Das Spiel” using the additional dice.


Expansion for „Das Spiel“ or dice game * 2 players from age 8 * Designer: Tom Lehmann * ca. 45 min * 6053, Abacus, Germany, 2005 *** Abacusspiele Verlags KG * www.abacusspiele.de * as@abacussspiele.de