Power Grid

RussIA / Japan


(Funkenschlag Russland/Japan)


Each player represents a corporation producing electricity in power stations and powering cities via an electricity network. During the game you auction for power stations and buy resources for electricity production while expanding the network to power up more cities. A round has 5 phases: Determine sequence of play, buy power stations, buy resources, building and bureaucracy, which comprises earning money, new power stations and new resources for the market. if a player in phase 4 has connected a minimum of 20 cities, the player with the most connected cities wins.

Russia: The number of power station offered is limited, the exchange rules for outmoded power stations are not valid. The smallest power station on the market is replaced as soon as one player passes; but if all players pass it stays. It also remains in place when its number is smaller or equals the number of cities owned by the player with the most cities. At the start of level three the smallest power station is taken off the market together with card Level 3, 4 power stations remain that all can be offered.

Japan: You can own two separate nets, in round 1 you may connect a maximum of two cities to start a network, for the first house in each network you must start in Kukuoka, Kobe, Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo or Yokohama. If you start a network later, you must start them in these cities, too. From level 3 on you can use the spot for a third connection.

For both versions there is a special resources supply table.

Two expansions in the usual good quality with interesting changes, if you do own Power Grid you will want Russia/Japan.


Spieler         : 2-6

Alter            : ages 12 and up

Dauer           : ca. 90 min


Autor           : Friedemann Friese

Grafik          : Maura Kalusky

Titel             : Power Grid Russia & Japan

Preis            : ca. € 10,00

Verlag          : 2F-Spiele 2010


Genre                    : Resources management game

Zielgruppe             : With friends

Mechanismen         : Build a network of power station using resources


Kommentar            :

6th expansion for Power Grid

Only playable with the basic game

Special resources table

Comprises shrinkwrapped board and rules



Power Grid and all expansions


 Zufall                  2

Taktik                  2

Strategie__                  2





Interaktion                   3