Fasanerie Es wird bunter

The 1st Expansion


You always play with six types of animals, whereby all types of cards count as animals. Five cards from the stack that was prepared as stated, you lay out five for the alley. It is your turn if your disc is the last one in the alley. When your disc is alone on a card, you take this card and all cards behind it in the alley face down for your stack. Then, or if your disc is on top in a stack, you move your disc forward to a desired card; if the disc is now the one in first position,, you refill the alley up front to five cards. If this is no longer possible, you may leave the alley and end the game. When both players have quit the alley, you score your animals as regards to type and numbers collected.

The expansion Es wird bunter introduces 6 new types of animals, whereby Long Hand Net is considered an animal type, too

If 3-6 players want to play, you need one  or two additional copies of the game, one copy works for two players.


Collecting game for 2 or 3-6 players, ages +


Publisher: 2F-Spiele 2023

Designer: Friedemann Friese

Art: Harald Lieske

Editing: Henning Kröpke

Proofreading: Christian Frank, Ronald Hrkać, Linus Wolf

Web: www.2f-spiele.de

Stock Nr. 32.03.01


Users: With friends


Version: de en * Rules: de en ja * In-game text: no