An economics game on the development of a pure agricultural economy to an early industrial economy, located on the Indonesian islands, players aim to be the richest player at the end of the game. Players found and operate production and shipping companies to transport the goods produced. Successful companies develop, as do the cities if they have enough resources. Players can also invest into research and developments and consolidate their positions by merging companies.

Game play is divided into eras, the eras into years and each year into seven phases:

New era (if appropriate), Bid for turn sequence, Mergers, Acquisitions, Research and Development, Operation and City Growth.


Dvelopment game * 2-5 players * no age given * Designers: Jeroen Doumen und Joris Wiersinga * Graphics: Ynze Moedt, Tamara Jannink, JeroenKesselaar * Splotter, Netherlands, 2005 *** Splotter Spellen *