7 Wonders Leaders


First expansion for 7 Wonders, featuring 36 Leader cards, 4 Guild cards, 1 new wonder, 17 coins of value 6 and 1 Marker Courtesan as well as a new scoring pad. At the start you now receive 6 coins of value 1 and you are dealt 4 leader cards which you handle on the basis of choose 1 and hand on the rest until you have four cards in hand again. Then you play a normal game of 7 wonders, each phase starts with recruiting a leader by choosing one from your stock and paying for him in coins only or using him for a stage of your wonder or discarding him for 3 coins. The Guild cards are shuffled with the other ones and so come into play by chance or not. If you introduce the Guild of Courtesans places the Courtesan marker on a leader of one of his neighbors and now has the abilities of this leader at his disposal, too.


Expansion for the development game with cards * 3-7 players, ages 10+ * Designer: Antoine Bauza * Art: Miguel Coimbra * Editing: CÚdrick Caumont, Thomas Provoost * 7LE01-DE01-LU201101, Repos, Belgium, 2011 *** Repos Productions * www.rprod.com