Players are chiefs on Indian tribes searching for new hunting grounds, the Indians hunt bisons, fish and turkeys, which are traded for tents or canoes or used for cultivating new areas. A turn has the phases: determine starting player, take area tile, enact action and scoring. For actions a player indicates which action is taken with how many Indians, then it is paid for and executed. Actions are placement of area and placing of Indians, build or enlarge a tent, build ore enlarge a canoe or move Indians. Scoring takes place in areas, the most valuable tents and canoes in an area earn animals for one’s herds. At the end of the game the players areas determine the winner, the player with the most animals wins


Position and accrueing game * 2-4 players from age 10 * Designers: Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling * Graphics: Franz Vohwinkel * PHA-DE.BIS01, 19183, Phalanx, Netherlands, 2006 *** Phalanx Games *