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Pirate versus Pirate

Gold, Silver or defeated pirates


Pirates versus pirates for silver or gold! Each player controls a gang of pirates on the hunt for treasures – if you own 2 of 3 silver coins or the only gold coin or has eliminated all opposing pirates you win the game.

Each player starts with a boat and his four pirates on a triangular board, depending on the number of players the treasure is either situated in the middle of the board or in the third free corner, the pirates always start in corners of the board.

In your turn you roll the dice, add the points and move one of your pirates. A pirat can always only move over edges into an adjacent triangle and only moves across empty spaces. He may enter a triangle only once in a move and if he cannot move the complete number of steps he may not move at all. If you encounter silver or gold coins you must take them with you, you can only carry one coin at a time. To place a coin into the boat you must reach the boat with the exact number of steps. If you encounter opposing pirates you attack them. To attack a pirate you simply move onto his location with the last step in your move. An attacked pirate goes out of the game. If he did carry a coin with him you take the coin, if possible. You can also leave a coin en route, but not for the purpose of attacking. In a more tactical variant of the game you may not attack from “behind”, the pirates must be placed and oriented exactly at the end of a move.

Pirate versus Pirate is a nice family game, a bit unusual due to the board. If you keep an eye on the distances of pirates you can use one roll to eliminate a pirate and to get his coin at the same time!


Spieler         : 2-3

Alter            : ages 8 and up

Dauer           : ca. 30 min


Autor           : Max Winter Osterhaus

Grafik          : John Kovalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 25,00 Euro

Verlag          : Out of the Box 2010



Genre                    : Placement game with dice

Zielgruppe             : For families

Mechanismen         : Move pirate, collect coin



Standard topic

Very good for three players

Three possible victory conditions

Tactical version with orientation of the pirates



All placement games with dice-controlled movement


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