Pirate versus Pirate


Pirates versus pirates for treasures, each player controls a band of pirates. If you own 2 of the 3 silver coin or the gold coin or have eliminated all opposing pirates, you win. You roll the dice, add the points and move one of your pirates. If you encounter an item you take it, if you meet opposing pirates you attack them. Attacked pirates go out of the game. You may drop items, but not for an attack. To store a coin in the boat you must reach the boat withe exact number of steps. In a tactical variant you must not attack from “behind”, pirates must be carefully aligned.


Position game for 2-3 players, ages 8 and up * Designer: Max Winter Osterhaus * Art: John Kovalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney * Redaktion: Tom Strom * 1699, Out of the Box, USA, 2010 *** Out of the Box Games * www.otb-games.com