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10 Days in Europe

A Journey across the Continent


In 2003 Schmidt Spiele published an attractive game called Europatour, developed by the American designers Alan R. Moon and Aaron Weissblum, still in the days before „Ticket to Ride“ and the sudden switch of focus to games from the other side of the Big Pond. So it remained largely unknown that this game was published in the US by Out of the Box under the title of “10 Days in Europe” and still is alive and kicking in the USA, there are editions for Asia and USA and new in 2010 for the Americas.

As Out of the Box is presenting their program now since two years in Europe is seems a good idea to present this little gem again, as the rules are somewhat different from those of the Schmidt edition.

The game comprises 48 cards for European countries in five colors, plus 10 transport cards for ships and airplanes. There are 2 planes in each of the country colors, the ships are neutral but affiliated to the oceans. All cards are shuffled face down and you draw 10 cards one by one and place them in your holder, once placed a card cannot be relocated on the holder. Three cards are turned up on the table, the rest is draw pile. In your turn you draw either an open card or one from the pile and can exchange it for one from your holder to get nearer to your goal, which is a continuous route across Europe. Neighboring countries can be placed next to each other as well as countries marked with a bridge or ferry, otherwise countries of the same color must be connected by corresponding plane or a ship.

A nice simple game, it is language independent and very good, an absolutely recommendable game for the whole family.


Spieler         : 2-4

Alter            : ages 10 and up

Dauer           : ca. 30 min


Autor           : Alan R. Moon, Aaron Weissblum

Grafik          : John Kivalic, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney

Titel englisch          : ident

Preis            : ca. 25,00 Euro

Verlag          : Out of the Box, 2003



Genre                    : Exchange game with a travel topic

Zielgruppe             : For families

Mechanismen         : Swap cards to form a sequence



Original edition of Europatour

As Europatour winner of „Spiele Hit für Familien 2003“

Available also for the Americas, Asia, USA

Very simple mechanism

Geography „to go“



Europatour, 10 Days in ….


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