Inspired by the westward trail, Dakota combines a linear mechanism with an emphasis on the topic. You either control a group of settlers or a tribe of native Indians. You cooperate and rival with other players to rise the status of your faction, using raw material that have different value for settlers or Indians. Settlers want to exploit the regions for agriculture and industry, the native tribes wand to conserve it and at the same time use if for their own tribe. The innovative mechanism works well for all numbers of players.


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Serie: Platinum Games

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Version                           : multi

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In-game use of language   : some


Resources management for 3-5 players, ages 10 and up * Designer: Piero Cioni * Art: Giorgio Albertini, Fabio Maiorana, Meri Davini * Editing: Heiko Eller * TEG001, Nexus, Italien, 2010 *** NG International * www.nexusgames.com