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Dixit Odyssey

New pictures, new associations


Dixit Odyssey is a revised new edition of Dixit, for up to 12 players. Again, you receive 6 picture cards out of 84 new ones, but not voting tiles with numbers on them. Instead of those the new edition features voting cards with 12 numbered holes, you get one of those and 2 pegs. The rules of the game have remainded the same: The narrator of the round chooses one of his cards and makes a statement: This can be his own invention, a sound, one or more words, a quotation, a title of a film or a book, whatever he prefers. The other players choose from their cards the one they believe fits the statement best. The narrator shuffles all cards and places them next to the – revised – board. This board shows a scoring track with 30 positions and 6 places each on each of the two sides for 6 cards. All players but the narrator use peg and voting card to give a guess which card might be that of the narrator. When some players are correct, each of them and the narrator score 3 points each. When all players are correct or all are wrong, all players but the narrator score two points. In both cases each player, whose card was voted for, scores 1 point for each vote. When 7-12 play, you can vote for 2 cards; if a player guesses the correct card and has only given one vote, he scores bonus points. The first player to reach or pass 30 points wins the game.

The game in this new edition Dixit Odyssey has remained the same wonderful game. The new pictures are beautiful and fantastic, the new rules for up to 12 players work well, the voting cards and pegs are not yet an ideal solution, but all in all a felicitous new edition.


Spieler         : 3-12

Alter            : ages 8+

Dauer           : ca. 45 min


Autor           : Jean-Louis Roubira

Grafik          : Marie Cardouat, Pierô

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 30 Euro

Verlag          : Libellud / Asmodee 2011



Genre                    : Assessment game with pictures

Zielgruppe             : With friends


Version                           : multi

Rules                              : de en es fr it pt sk nl

In-game use of language   : no





Beautiful new cards

Voting card + peg not ideal

Good rules

Works well for a big group



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