Each player receives 6 of 84 picture cards and a set of voting tiles. The narrator makes a statement on one of his cards. It can be a quote, a title of a book, film or song or anything else, a sound or even a pantomime. All others choose from their hand the card they think fits the statement best. The narrator shuffles all cards and turns them over. All other players now vote which card is the card of the narrator. If some players guess correctly, they score points together with the narrator. If all or no one guesses correctly, they all score with the exception of the narrator. Awards: German Game of the Year 2010.


Association game for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up * Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira * Art: Marie Cardouat, Régis Bonnessée * 26007 6, Libellud, Frankreich, 2008 *** Libellud * www.libellud.com