Alter                    10




Hives, Nectar and Honey


Players direct two hornets and rival for the most honey in the majorities of nests. Hexes are laid out to form a landscape with flowers and hornet nests. The game is played in several rounds, each is either an action round or a scoring round. The round marker moves forward on its path, flower spaces denote action rounds, hive spaces denote scoring rounds. Each player has a set of action cards for multiple usage. In each round you secretly choose a card, they are revealed simultaneously and executed in numeric order of the cards, each action is assigned to one of your hornets on the board. Possible actions are Nectar collection, Honey Action or Flying, each comes in the version of safe or aggressive. The hornets collect nectar from the flowers to produce honey. At the end of the action round 1 unit of nectar is placed in each square, with the exceptions of nests already scored. In the scoring rounds the nest indicated on the round path is scored, it goes to the player who has the most honey there, he receives all nectar in the nest. When there is a tie in the amount of honey, the nest is marked “tied” and the nectar is distributed evenly among the players in the tie. If you have won three nests or if you have won two nests and have the most honey in total in the nests you did win, you win the game.

Hornet is a game with a high tactical component, as the order of scoring the nests is known and each action is available in two intensities, the aggressive one can be a disadvantage in some situations. Lots of interactions, a modular board, this is a rather demanding family game.


Spieler         : 2-5

Alter            : ages 10+

Dauer           : ca. 45 min


Autor           : Jani & Tero Moliis

Grafik          : Paul Laane, Ossi Hiekkala

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 30 Euro

Verlag          : Lautapelit 2010



Genre                    : Placement/majorities game

Zielgruppe             : For families


Version                           : multi

Rules                              : de en es fi fr se

In-game use of language   : no





Demanding family game

Modular board

Scoring order of nests is known

Therefore highly tactical



All games on area control by majorities



Taktik                  3

Strategie__                  1





Interaktion                   3