Hexes are laid out to a landscape with flowers and hornet nets. Players have a set of actions cards and each card can be used several times. In each turn you secretly choose a card. All cards are revealed simultaneously and implemented in numerical sequence of the cards. Each action is assigned to a hornet. The hornets collect nectar from the flowers to produce honey. A hornet nest is owned by the player who owns the most honey in it. If you own any three nests or two nests with most honey you win. Bluff and planning are necessary.


Placement game with cards for 2-5 players, ages 10 and up * Designers: Jani & Tero Moliis * Art: Paul Laane, Ossi Hiekkala * LPFI 001, Lautapelit, Finland, 2010 *** Lautapelit.fi Oy * www.lautapelit.fi