The factions fight for control over the desert planet, Dune, the only place in the galaxy where Spice is harvested, the most valuable drug anywhere in the galaxy. Each player leads one of the main factions; each has their own military, strategic or treacherous advantages. Aim of the game is to use those advantages and to control Dune. If you are first to control at least three bases with at least one token each at the end of a turn, you win. You play a maximum of 15 rounds, each round consists of: Storm – moving the Storm marker; Spice – turn up top spice card and place spice; Auction – you bid with spice for traitor cards; Movement – get tokens back from tank, place and move tokens; Conflict – in each territory with several characters; Harvest – players owning tokens in spice territories can harvest this spice.


Economics und resources management game based on Frank Herbert’s Novel, for 2-6 playes, ages 14+


Publisher: Jeux Descartes, 1992

Designer: Mick Uhl, Richard Hamblen 

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