Obst und Gemüse im Überfluss


Players are faced with a plethora of fruit and vegetables and need to fill baskets with it, either 5 pieces of one kind or 5 different pieces. You form a grid from five basket cards laid out horizontally and 6 stacks of bidding cards vertically and place a starting “seeding” into the grid. In your turn you turn a bidding card by 90 degrees, the other players have 10 seconds to place 1-3 blue chips on their indicator for yes or no. Then you turn up one card after the other up to the amount you did bid and place each card into a row to make a basket of identical or all different pieces. When a basket is filled your move ends, and you receive the bidding card and the coins, the other players take blue chips for correct bidding. If you cannot place cards or cannot fill a basket this costs you chips. At the end of the game you score for chips and card combinations of rows or groups made up from the bidding cards.


Placement and collecting game * 2-4 players, ages 8 and up * Designers: Carlo A. Rossi, Lorenzo Tarabini * Art: Rick Soued Charlie Binkele, Cary Grayson * 62323 2 , Gryphon, USA, 2010 *** Gryphon Games * Fred Distribution *