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Spezial                 1


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Catch the tail, Grab the Cheese!


Alternate Name: Mad Mouse


The mouse is running around the room. Players impersonate cats, which want to grab the piece of cheese the mouse is carrying. Each player receives a cat’s paw to catch the mouse with, basically a piece of plastic with a handle, shaped like a paw and with a hole in the middle. The adult overseeing the game picks up the mouse and places a piece of cheese in its mouth. Then all count to three and the mouse is placed on the floor. Immediately the mouse starts to run around the room quickly. All players try to catch the tail of the mouse with their paw. If you manage to catch the tail, you take the piece of cheese from the mouse and fix it onto the handle of your paw. For a new round another piece of cheese is given to the mouse. When all nine pieces of cheese have found an owner, the player with the most pieces of cheese wins.

Mad Mouse is a very simple game of dexterity and movement, but it needs a bit of preparation. A lot of space is necessary, so you must shift the furniture to ensure that nobody gets hurt in the heat of the game. If that is ensured, there’s lots of fun in chasing the mouse, which runs around grinning. To actually catch the upright tail with the paw is not as simple as it may sound, the hole in the paw is only 2 cm wide and the mouse is moving fast. Good body control and a very good hand-eye-coordination are necessary. For smaller children adult supervision of game play is recommended. All in all Mad Mouse is a fun and fast game with offers lots of training for controlled, quick movement and even faster change of directions!


Spieler         : 1-4

Alter            : ages 4 and up

Dauer           : approx. 10 min


Autor           : unstated

Grafik          : unstated

Vertrieb A.   : Piatnik

Preis            : ca. 35,00 Euro

Verlag          : Goliath 2009


Genre                    : Dexterity

Zielgruppe             : For Children

Mechanismen         : Catch the mouse, take the cheese



Nice mechanism

Can be played alone

Lots of room needed

Adult supervision recommended

With Batteries



Elefun and other Catch/Target games









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Geschicklichkeit  3

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