Gold in the mountains all want to participate in the boom. In each round cards for mine licences and events are auctioned, some mines yield gold. Players also can be robbers, barkeepers or politicians. In each round cards are turned up and auctioned, then some mines produce gold according to a roll of the dice and events are enacted. If a player has two licences in a town he is the Mayor and other players in town have to pay him a share of their production. After the last gold mining the amount of gold, the production value of all mine licences and a bonus of 5 for the office of Mayor are scored, the player with the highest total wins.


Card game with auction mechanism * 3-5 players from age 10 * Designers: Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti * Grafik: Kara * 01005 8, Face2Face, USA, 2004 *** Face2Face Games *