On the planet Znorf reside the UWOs, Unknkown Walking Objects, with differentiate themselves into Gnorfs and Pnorfs, both can morf and think the other very very ugly. The starting layout is given, each player has three hand cards, the gnorfs go first. Each move consists of playing an UWO card which is morfing and an action in any sequence, or only one of the two. To morf one places a card from the hand onto one of one’s card in the layout, this UWO now changes it appearance. Possible actions are moving or attacking. The first player to eliminate all opponents wins the game.

New edition 2005, in cooperation with Vendetta and Z-Man Games.


Satirical card game * 2 players from age 10 * Designer: Thomas Jansen * Graphics: Bjorn Scholten and Thomas Jansen * 855010, Elven Ear, Netherlands, 2005 *** Elven Ears Games * www.elveneargames.nl