1880 China

Die Entwicklung der Eisenbahn im Reich der Mitte


1880 China is a game in the 18xx System, based on 1829 by Francis Tresham, covering the timpe period from 1880, when the first Chinese railway between Tanshan and Xugezhuang was built, to 2006, when the Tibetan Railway was opened. The games follows the general rules for all 18xx games. At the start the private companies P0 to P7 are available, you buy or lower the price for shares. When all private companies are sold, Foreign Investors become available and BCR automatically activates, owners of private companies have special privileges. From phase b3, engines #4, Foreign Investors are inactive. In the communist phase from the First #4 engine to the first #6 engine there are now chances in share prices and directors cannot sell their own shares. After the share round for the last #8 engine each company has three more phases, then the richest player wins.


Railway game * Series: 18xx * 3-7 players, no minimum age given * Designers & Art: Leonhard Orgler and Helmut Ohley * Double-O, Austria / Germany, 2010 *** Double-O-Games * www.lonny.atwww.ohley.de