1655 Habemus Papam



The Pope is dead! Players are cardinals and want to be elected pope and also receive 2 tasks at the start of the game. To reach their goal they bid in each round for the most valuable cards in the display, using gems. Those cards offer the different advantages: Cardinal cards earn you one vote each; Political powers offer additional votes and money with Favor; action cards help with bids and earn you gold from your fellow players. The Camerlengo is a non-eligible cardinal and responsible for electing a pope, supplies gems and decides ties in bids. Each round of a maximum of 18 rounds comprises revealing cards, the option to play an action card, bidding 0-3 gems and taking a card. Action cards are played simultaneously and face then and are then revealed simultaneously and implemented, starting with the Camerlengo. The bids are valid for the top card of each stack and the Camerlengo Card. In case of a tie in the number of gems in a bid the more valuable gem decides the bid, in case of an identical bid the seating order in relation to the Camerlengo. Players choose a card in sequence of their bids. The card „Black Smoke“ assigns additional money to each Cardinal with the corresponding symbol und you discard one of your cards face down. The card “White Smoke” signals the end of the game. At the end of the round gold is given out one more time and then votes are counted from cards and gold.

An elegant fast card game that can be absolutely recommended, it gets more and more interesting the better you know the values and effects of the cards, a game with lots of depth and short duration.



Spieler         : 3-4

Alter            : ages 10+

Dauer           : ca. 45 min


Autor           : Bauer Christoph

Grafik          : Katharina Kubisch

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 15 Euro

Verlag          : DDD Verlag 2010



Genre                    : Auction game

Zielgruppe             : With friends


Version        : multi

Regeln         : de en

Text im Spiel : ja



Very nice auction mechanism

Short playing time

Lots of depth

Works best when you know values and interactions of the cards



Toledo 1085 and other games bidding for cards


Zufall                            1

Taktik                  2

Strategie__                  2




Kommunikation   3

Interaktion                   3