Players compete to drain the lake by placing dikes and using their windmills. On the new land, they can plant various crops und use the income from their harvest to buy tulip buldbs that can also be planted on the new land. At the end the player that is able to claim the most valuable tulip fields wins the game. The game is played in years divided into the four seasons, when all players have passed the next season begins. In spring players plant their fields and build farms and mills. In summer, players build dikes and drain land. In autumn, players resolve the weather influences and harvest their fields. In winter, players buy from and trade with the co-op. After 6 years or when the lake is completely drained all cow and crop tiles are traded for mills and tulips and are laid out, then workers are placed next to the mills or other workers. When all workers are placed, one scores points for occupied tulip fields. The player with the highest score wins.


Development and placement game * 2-4 players from age 10 * Designers: Jeff Widderich and Richard van Vugt * 00913 7, Cardchess, Canada, 2005 *** Cardchess International * www.cardchess.com