Einfach Spitze


Players want to reach the opposite side of the board with four of their pyramids. Each player starts with four stacks of 2 pyramids and in each turn can move one of his pyramids, one square forward or sideways, never back or diagonally, also onto other pyramids. Covered Pyramids are blocked and cannot be moved. If a pyramid reaches one of the opposite starting position, it is no longer moved and has conquered that spot, it cannot be covered any more. 2 players need to take 6 pyramids to the opposite side, the memory grid offers a variant where players must remember covered pyramids. There is also a scoring variant, where the values of the pyramids are important. The Sandwich variant allows movement of pyramid groups, if an opponent’s pyramid is sandwiched between to pyramids of the same colour.


Position game * 2 or 4 players from age 6 * Designer: Jeff Widderich * 02014, Cardchess, Canada, 2005 *** Cardchess International * www.cardchess.com