Age of Steam Expansion Maps


Boards for Age of Steam on Reunion Island and the Moon. Logos of Winsome and Warfrog on the Box. The basic rules of Age of Steam apply. For the Moon the track building costs have been changed and the moon is round, so tracks from one side of the board connect to the other side. A new action is “Low gravity”, one can use a complete link of another player in both Goods Transporting rounds. Reunion is meant for 2 players and lasts 10 turns. Track building costs have been changed, bidding can be limited to oune round, and the volcano can erupt each round and destroy hexes. Affected tracks are treated like incomplete tracks. New cities that are affected are permanently lost.


Expansion maps for Age of Steam * 2-6 players * no age given * Designers: Ludovc Gimet and Alban Viard * 97/180, AoS, Frankreich, 2005 *** AoS Team *